Being part of a preschool program is the first step in your child's educational journey (yes, even those 1 and 2 year olds) and we want to make sure it's rewarding and fun! 

     Our curriculum uses Get Set for School for Reading, Writing, Language and Math, which is specially designed for the pre-K level of learning. We also include enrichment activities such as ceramics and gardening. Our character and Bible program includes "Bible Truths for Early Childhood - Walking God's Way", published by BJU press. The program is designed to show children how to apply the traits of patience, kindness, responsibility, obedience, courage and love in their own lives.

Daily Activities


Each of our preschool and child care classrooms is arranged with learning centers for reading, writing, science, home living/dramatic play, creative arts, blocks and more. Learning centers encourage independence and provide opportunities for children to develop their self-confidence and to practice decision-making skills as they navigate from center to center.

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    The following is an overview of what we focus on in a typical day:

  • Bible stories                                     
  • character building 
  • language development
  • handwriting development
  • Spanish
  • creative art
  • music and rhythm
  • dramatic play
  • cognitive skills
  • science activities
  • math and reading skills
  • problem solving
  • following directions